A holistic approach treats the whole person for an optimal recovery process from addiction. When you enter rehab, you’re choosing a healthier lifestyle. You’ve taken an essential step towards a brighter future. The type of rehab experience you have will differ, depending on the facility. Some treatment centers take a more holistic approach. How can a holistic approach benefit you in your journey to lasting recovery?

What’s a Holistic Approach to Drug Rehab?

Woman smiling contemplating her recovery with a holistic approach.A holistic approach to drug addiction treatment includes a wide range of benefits. For example, throughout your drug or alcohol dependency, you put your body through a lot. However, it’s not just your physical self that suffers. Your mind and spirit ache, as well.

A holistic healing approach to rehab seeks to heal all of you. This incorporates mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing. To be a whole person, you should be healthy across all areas.

In rehab, you’ll do a lot of talk therapy that helps you discover the root of your substance abuse. Although it can be painful, it’s a necessary step toward lifelong recovery. Unfortunately, too many people turn to drugs and alcohol because they don’t know how to deal with pain or stress.

Benefits of Addiction Treatment with Holistic Care

By taking a holistic approach to rehab, you’ll learn more positive ways to deal with stressful situations. For instance, triggers, such as toxic family members or a stressful day at work, won’t impact you the same way once you develop coping skills to prevent relapse.

Instead of drinking too much to relieve stress, you learn to express your creativity by taking part in art or music therapy. You can go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature on a hike through the woods. Lastly, meditate and focus your mind on the present.

A holistic approach in addition to traditional rehab therapies can give you the whole-body healing you need for recovery. This excellent treatment model addresses your physical needs as well as your emotional ones. By taking part in enjoyable activities that stimulate your body and mind, you’ll gain even more benefits of recovery.

Types of Holistic Care for Addiction Recovery

Holistic therapy is also known as alternative therapy. It’s a non-medical approach to care. The types of treatments you might engage in rehab can easily transfer to your personal life once you return home.
Common holistic therapies include:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Tai chi
  • Reiki, or energy work
  • Acupuncture
  • Nature hikes
  • Art or music therapy

When you abuse drugs or alcohol, you often do so to escape problems or distract yourself. Holistic activities are designed to quiet your mind and allow you to focus. This type of therapy shows you how to live in the moment instead of constantly thinking about what’s next.

Best Drug Rehab Treatment in Newport Beach, California

Are you ready for a rehab experience that gives you the peace and serenity you’ve been searching for? At Ocean Recovery, we specialize in eating disorders and drug addiction treatment, along with recovery programs to prepare you for new, healthy life.

Some of our wide range of reliable recovery programs include:

Our facility is located on Newport Beach, so your recovery can begin in beautiful surroundings. We provide gender-specific care that addresses men’s and women’s unique needs.

Men can take part in weekly workshops focusing on their journey. They’ll learn to identify negative behavior patterns and how to change them. On the other hand, our women’s program is designed to give our female clients the safe, nurturing atmosphere they need to express themselves. As a result, both programs explore underlying issues that contributed to drug or alcohol dependency.

You can leave addiction behind and start again. The caring professionals at Ocean Recovery are ready to help, so contact us today at 800-641-2388. A bright future is waiting for you.