Drug and alcohol dependency affect people from all walks of life. Anyone from a homeless person to a high-level corporate executive can fall victim to addiction. Regardless of someone’s social standing, all rehab programs seek to treat the dependency. In the best case scenario, recovery is long term. When looking for a drug rehab Newport Beach could the answer you’re looking for.

Difference in Drug Rehab Facilities

Drug Rehab Newport Beach |Just as everyone is different, each rehab center varies in its approach to treatment.

Many facilities offer inpatient and outpatient care, depending on the needs of the clients. Some centers start people out in a residential program and then transition them into outpatient. A top-quality facility recognizes when someone is ready to move into the next phase of treatment. Qualified addiction treatment specialists also personalize treatment to make sure everyone receives the best care for their unique situation.

If you want a comfortable rehab stay where you don’t feel like you’re in a hospital or clinic, you’ll find drug rehab Newport Beach to accommodate you.

When you’re in relaxing, peaceful surroundings, you’ll be in a good state of mind to begin your recovery. There are facilities that provide enjoyable amenities for their clients. You might take part in recreational activities that remind you how good it feels to be strong and healthy.

Rehab doesn’t have to feel like punishment. After all, when you make the decision to get sober, you have much to look forward to.

What Sets Our Drug Rehab Newport Beach Apart

Ocean Recovery is a treatment center located right on Newport Beach. We provide a safe and supportive haven where men and women can build a strong foundation for recovery.

Best Rehabs in Newport Beach

Not only do we specialize in addiction recovery, we also treat clients for eating disorders. Our trained and dedicated professionals understand how to help people facing multiple issues. We address the different components that go into a complete therapeutic approach to treatment.

We provide gender-specific programs in a residential setting. Men and women often have different problematic behaviors. During counseling, clients can target unique complications and connect with members of their peer group who’ve had similar experiences. They’re able to do this freely with no distractions.

In our nurturing environment, we help our clients set goals to maintain their sobriety. We work on relapse prevention so that when clients leave us and return home, they have the tools and skills they need to stay on their recovery path.

While individual counseling and educational group therapy is a big part of our treatment, we provide recreational activities for our residents to enjoy as well. You can enjoy swimming, surfing, kayaking, yoga, and tai chi during your stay here.

Does our drug rehab in Newport Beach sound like the right setting for you?

A Newport Beach Recovery Center

Choosing Ocean Recovery is choosing a new beginning.

Residential treatment is our primary focus, with men and women living in separate facilities. We also have an exclusive program that provides a 90-day extended-care program with a one and one-half year sober living environment.

Our staff-to-client ratio is very small. We believe this personalized approach helps us to identify relapse signals as soon as possible. This can prevent a painful relapse that sets back your recovery.

The men’s and women’s programs we provide have unique benefits, such as:

  • Comfortable settings in which to explore issues freely
  • The ability to bond with others going through similar struggles
  • Encouragement to express yourself
  • The chance to target problematic behaviors
  • The ability to determine underlying causes of addiction

Don’t let drug and alcohol abuse rob you of another minute. Reach out to us at (855) 271-6289, and we’ll help you get the fresh start you want and deserve.