Fighting to overcome addiction is tough, but the right support, assistance, and care will definitely make the process easier. You can find addiction treatment centers across the country, but many clients gravitate toward the appeal of California. If you’re searching for California addiction treatment, then take a closer look at what makes a treatment program great. Armed with this information, you’ll be ready to choose the right treatment center for you or your loved one.

Does Location Really Matter?

People participate in group therapy at the best California addiction treatment centerWhen it comes to addiction treatment, many people mistakenly believe that all locations are the same. Programs can differ for many reasons, and location is one factor that many overlook. To start, location can be the reason that clients enroll in a recovery program at all. California addiction treatment can be appealing to many potential clients, which can encourage them to take the next step toward recovery.

Location can also make a difference when it comes to climate. Clients can overcome addiction in any temperature, but having warmer weather means more opportunities to get outdoors and be active. Clients who can soak up the sun and enjoy regular exercise are more likely to see improvement in mood, motivation, and overall wellness. It’s hard to argue with results like that.

Look For the Full Continuum of Care

The best California addiction treatment center is one that has a long-term plan for clients. Clients should not expect a four-week program to be effective for a lifetime of sobriety, because recovery takes much longer. Ideally, clients can participate in residential programs that last for three months.

Afterward, clients can have the option to step down to a less intensive program. The best California addiction treatment center options will offer sober living choices for clients. This extended program is the perfect combination of support, accountability, and independence. It allows clients to grow and make progress without straying too far from their support system.

Opt for Gender-Specific Facilities

As you look at various California addiction treatment options, it is worth considering the value of gender-specific programs or facilities. In many ways, male and female clients have the same path to recovery. Nonetheless, some problems can arise when men and women share the same living facility. Separating the genders can be a benefit for those who are in the middle of recovery.

Clinicians highly recommend that clients don’t develop new romantic relationships during addiction treatment. Doing so can increase the risk of relapse, and it can cause clients to look outward when they should be focusing on their own recovery.

Some women also prefer to live in environments surrounded by other women. Same-sex facilities often feel safer for their residents, particularly among those with trauma in their past. These separated environments make it easier to communicate, relate to your peers, and socialize in group settings.

Programs Should Treat the Clients Instead of Their Symptoms

The best California addiction treatment center isn’t going to treat all clients in the same way. It is crucial to look at each client as an individual, not just as a collection of related symptoms. Addiction impacts people in differing ways, and it can also result from a variety of different factors.

Through the right California addiction treatment, clients can start to expose and treat any underlying issues. Whether that is a mental illness, a history of trauma, or a product of the environment in which your family raised you, this can make recovery more successful.

Is Ocean Recovery the Top California Addiction Treatment Center?

Finding the very best addiction treatment program can absolutely be overwhelming. At Ocean Recovery, clients should expect a wide range of program types and a customized approach to recovery. While there is no perfect recovery plan, Ocean Recovery seeks to create the right plan for each unique client with the help of a qualified addiction treatment specialist. Some therapies and treatment methods used in recovery include:

A California addiction treatment can deliver an evidence-based approach to recovery in a sunny, scenic setting. At Ocean Recovery in Newport Beach, California, clients can work toward the recovery they deserve. Take back control over your life by calling 800-641-2388.