After long days of treatment, patients eventually head out the door to navigate life without drugs, alcohol, or eating disorders as a crutch. It’s a massive undertaking for a patient to go from a drug or alcohol addiction to living life in recovery. The difference is night and day. The difference between a patient making it on the outside often comes down to support. At Ocean Recovery, we are proud to offer a well-run alumni program as a great support mechanism.

What Is an Alumni Program?

Smiling guy in recovery liking the alumni program for support.Recovery is not a solitary process. Most recovering addicts need the support of family and friends to stay focused. They also need the assistance of other recovering people. Some people get that much-needed support from 12-Step program meetings. For decades, these meetings have proven to be an essential part of life for many people in recovery. The value of “one addict helping another” has long been a mantra in the recovery community.

In recent years, an alumni program has become another handy tool for those recovering from addiction. After much time in isolation when using, most recovering drug users crave a sense of belonging. Better yet, they desire to be around people with which they have much in common. Regardless of the drug of choice, people with a drug or alcohol addiction have that addiction in common. They understand the pain of addiction. They also appreciate the hard work it takes to recover.

An alumni program keeps recovering addicts from a common treatment center connected. This type of connection has spared more than a few members from relapse. In some cases, it has saved a life. Having an outlet like this for support is an integral part of the recovery process.

Other Benefits From Membership in an Alumni Program

While recovery is undoubtedly the basis of an alumni program, involvement is not always about recovery. The friendship and camaraderie one gets from these types of programs is one of the best benefits. At Ocean Recovery, our alumni program is proud to sponsor many social events for members. These events provide an opportunity for former clients to come together for fun and friendship.

Over time, members begin to realize they can count on each other. When the chips are down, and a relapse seems imminent, the struggling member knows they can reach out for help–help from another member who thoroughly understands the journey.

Finally, it’s what this kind of program represents that members hold dear. After months or years of addiction, people lose structure in their lives. Without structure, everything seems confusing and out of place. Alumni usually come to appreciate the value they can derive from being part of a “club” with structure.

More Information About Ocean Recovery

Our Newport Beach facility is among the top California drug rehab programs in the state. We feature a beautiful home-structure set against an equally impressive beach environment. Separate residential treatment for men and women makes it easy to recover without distractions of the opposite gender. We also support an aftercare program.

With a mindset on the future, we prefer to treat all of our clients as unique individuals. We address everyone’s unique needs by developing customized treatment plans. We base our treatment plans around some of the following modalities:

We have up to 14 beds for women and 18 beds for men in separate facilities. We carry accreditation from CARF and run our center with a licensed, professional staff. Eating disorder treatment is on our list of programs, as well.

When the time comes for you to get help for your addiction, you have options. Your best choice might be to pick up the phone and call Ocean Recovery at 800-641-2388. From treatment to aftercare, you deserve the best shot possible for a lasting recovery. We are glad to help you down that path. When treatment is over, we will continue being there in the future to provide you with top aftercare programs.