kathy tunney ocean recovery staff

Kathy Tunney, MSW

Executive Director

Kathy is the Executive Director of Ocean Recovery and has 28 years experience in the field of addiction treatment. She received her Master’s degree in Counseling from California State University Long Beach, and since then, has worked hands-on to provide each and every one of her patients with a bright future. She believes that treatment doesn’t define the patient’s life, only alters it, and so she helps them make those positive changes by promoting a well-rounded continuum of care. She has developed numerous family programs designed to assist the whole family towards recovery, as well as worked extensively with individuals who are dually diagnosed. At Ocean Recovery, she and the staff pride themselves on never missing a thing and spotting when a patient is about to relapse and/or stop treatment. Kathy offers a therapeutic program in conjunction with a gender-specific addiction treatment approach that help both men and women achieve sobriety and restructure their lives with the help of Ocean Recovery.


kevin cullen ocean recovery staff

Kevin Cullen


Kevin comes to Ocean Recovery as a recovered user. His own personal and tumultuous journey through addiction and into recovery has led him to want to help change the lives of those who are currently struggling with substance abuse. He is currently the main point of contact for any and all individuals looking to start their recovery. During the admissions process, Kevin ensures that potential clients are properly suited for Ocean Recovery, that they are aware of the individual care and attention they will receive during their stay and that they feel comfortable knowing the many safety protocols that the program takes to ensure a flawless stay. He makes sure potential clients truly understand what Ocean Recovery does and doesn’t do so that families can establish a healthy sense of hope for their loved one’s recovery. In true east-coaster fashion, Kevin always stays crystal clear in his communication with clients to promote positive, life-changing repertoire. After working his way up in the field of addiction recovery, Kevin is now truly satisfied in his position, as he loves what he does and feels honored to be a part of Ocean Recovery.


jonathan bellman ocean recovery staff

Dr. Jonathan Bellman, MD


Dr. Bellman is an Orange County based psychiatrist who owns his own private practice but also work with clients at Ocean Recovery. He completed his training at New York University Medical Center in 2001, and has served as a lecturer and consultant at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach. He also consults at assisted living facilities and is a member of the American Psychiatric Association and the Orange County Psychiatric Society. Dr. Bellman feels strongly that Ocean Recovery has a particular niche with 18-30 year-olds whose addiction has interfered with a true launch into adulthood. By working closely, compassionately and consistently with both addicts and their families, Dr. Bellman enjoys helping encourage love and boundaries that are rarely found in other treatment centers. He believes that to fully recover, clients need to build caring relationships with people who simultaneously do not tolerate behavior consistent with their addiction. Dr. Bellman feels that the single biggest failure in treatment providers is the lack of commitment to one treatment episode, and is proud of the fact that both he and the team at Ocean Recovery are determined to provide that commitment to all of their clients while they work towards their full recovery.

sherry fixelle ocean recovery staff

Sherry Fixelle, RD, CDN

Eating Disorder Program Director

Sherry is the Program Nutritionist for the Residential Extended Care and Outpatient Program and focuses primarily on helping people struggling with eating disorders overcome their challenges. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Hunter College in New York City and went on to work at Columbia University.s Psychiatric Institute in the Eating Disorder Research Unit. At Ocean Recovery, Sherry strives to bring equilibrium to her patients transitioning into treatment, and works to broaden their experiences with food and eating as they move forward in their recovery. She feels that it is a joy to watch patients become courageous enough to battle their fears and begin enjoying life. In addition to her work at Ocean Recovery, Sherry is also a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, The Academy of Eating Disorders, The American Dietetic Association, The American College of Sport Medicine and The American Anorexia and Bulimia Association.

collin weeden ocean recovery staff

Collin Weeden

Admission Director

Collin has a passion for working in the field of recovery. Collin started working in treatment because he wanted to help others struggling to get sober. He is responsible for all of the insurance billing and collections at ocean recovery. He works closely with the insurance companies to get maximum reimbursement for families. Collin understands what a financial burden paying for treatment can be, so he works hard, so that paying for treatment is one less obstacle families have to think about when they are going through the struggles of getting a loved one in treatment.


walt nielson ocean recovery staff

Walt Nielson Jr., MS, MFTi

Program Director

Walt has been working in the field of psychology and substance abuse since 1996. He received his BA from the University of Cal State-Fullerton in 1998, then his MS in Psychology from Holy Family University in Philadelphia in 2003. Walt has the benefit of a clinical as well as experiential perspective of treatment. Clinically, his orientation is Person-Centered, Jungian, and Cognitive-Behavioral. Spirituality in recovery is viewed as a priceless component. Men and Women under his care in treatment are encouraged to explore and develop self definitions and conceptualizations of this spirituality. The 12 Step Model of Recovery, Sponsorship and a feeling of belonging in the 12 Step fellowship are viewed as essential to long term sustained recovery. Walt’s career in the field of psychology has lead to in depth knowledge and experience with the Juvenile Justice, Criminal Justice, and Substance Abuse Populations. Mood disorders, schizophrenia and substance abuse are areas in which he has collected an expansive amount of information and knowledge. Personally, Walt is a proud veteran of the United States Army. He served with former Secretary of The Army, Louis Caldera. Louis introduced him to his sister, who later became the Mother of the first Four of his Five beautiful Children. Walt lives and resides in Newport Beach, but will forever be a Philadelphia Guy and Eagles Fan.

colleen capistrano ocean recovery staff

Colleen Capistrano

Marketing Director

Colleen has been working in the field of mental health and addiction for almost 20 years and her bachelor’s degree from Mount Saint Mary’s University in Child Development and Psychology she devoted her professional life to helping individuals support their hopes for a sober, fulfilling lifestyle. Prior to serving as the Marketing Director at Ocean Recovery, Colleen worked inpatient care, as well as an Assistant Director of Intake/Admissions and Business Development both within the country and abroad. Today, Colleen serves as a board member for the Women’s Association of Addiction Treatment as the Marketing Director, as well as the International Association for Eating Disorder Professionals Chapter of Orange County.


grace murphy ocean recovery staff

Grace Murphy, MFT


Grace joined Ocean Recovery in 2004 as an individual therapist, but has been in practice as a marriage and family therapist for over 30 years. She is mostly driven in her role as a therapist because her own personal recovery has given her life, one that she describes as worth living and sharing. She specializes in addiction medicine, codependency and adult children of alcoholics (ACA) issues. She feels that if families want their loved ones to have the best chance at recovery, that they should send them to a place such as Ocean Recovery where they know that recovery can happen. In addition to her work at Ocean Recovery and at her private practice in Palos Verdes, Grace is also the Chairman of the Board on the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence in California and previously served as the president of the Association of Marriage and Family Therapists of the South Bay region.

brooke constable ocean recovery staff

Brooke Constable, MFTi, PCCI


Since 2011, Brooke has been working in the field of chemical dependency, and serves as a Case Manger for the Women’s Program. Brooke received her BA in Psychology from Bucknell University, and is completing her MS in Counseling at CSU Fullerton. Prior to her work at Ocean Recovery she provided academic case management at Sober Living by the Sea and Nortbound Treatment Services. She carries her passion for assisting clients achieve academic and career goals in recovery into her work at Ocean Recovery. Brooke trained at Casa Youth Shelter working with teens and families in crisis.

michelle boudreaux ocean recovery staff

Michelle Boudreaux

Case Manager

Michael Stromsness Ocean Recovery Staff

Michael Stromsness

Office Manager

Michael grew up locally in Orange County, California. He grew up with a passion for skate boarding and helping others. As Michael found his way into recovery he developed a passion for helping others get sober. Michael is a certified life coach and recovery coach which has helped him developed skills in helping others in recovery. Michael heads up all the day-to-day operations at the Men’s residential facility at Ocean Recovery. He works with men on a one-to-one basis to ensure that all their needs are being met to thrive in a sober environment.

Madeline Nahigyan Ocean Recovery Staff

Madeline Nahigyan

Office Manager

Melissa Jackson Ocean Recovery Staff

Melissa Jackson

Support Staff

Anna Wooters Ocean Recovery Staff

Anna Wooters, LVN

Director of Client Care

Allison Waite, BA, LMFT


Allison is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has worked in the field of mental health and addiction treatment for over 11 years. Her ability to meet the client where they are fosters an environment of trust, openness and acceptance. Appreciation of the client and their unique experiences and challenges informs Allison’s professional care. Allison brings a dynamic energy coupled with a direct yet calm approach to her practice. She has extensive experience in the field with specialties in Addiction, Eating Disorders, Trauma, young adult issues and women’s issues. Allison is an EMDR II Practitioner and received her specialized training from the EMDR International Association. Allison has worked both in treatment as a Program Director, Lead therapist and group facilitator. She also has years of experience in private practice, which she currently has in Newport Beach. Allison has a Bachelors degree in Human Services with an emphasis in Mental Health And holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. Allison is an active member in many organizations including California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT), EMDRIA and is a board member of the Orange County Women’s Association for Addiction Treatment (WAAT).

Lesley Tate Ocean Recovery Staff

Dr. Lesley Tate-Gould


Dr. Tate-Gould completed her pre-doctoral internship and post-doctoral residency at APA and APPIC accredited sites, with an emphasis in children and adolescents 3-18 years of age. Over the course of the past two years, Dr. Tate-Gould has further expanded her practice to include residential adolescent treatment experience, which facilitated her specializing in issues related to substance abuse and dependency, trauma, adoption, and unresolved grief due to bereavement. Dr. Tate-Gould has published research regarding process addictions and how they relate to the presentation of self-injurious behaviors. Dr. Tate-Gould has also presented at the National Conference on Addiction Disorders (NCAD) and is currently involved in research efforts related to adolescents and issues of unresolved trauma. In addition to her private practice, Dr. Tate-Gould is the clinical director at Ocean Recovery, a local treatment center specializing in treating adults struggling with substance related and co-occurring diagnoses.

Keith Harper Ocean Recovery Staff

Keith Harper

Case Manager

Having grown up in a home plagued with addiction and violence Keith learned how to escape; first thru numbing, and then with substances. An encounter with God as a child left him with a sense hope despite these circumstances. This hope eventually lead him to recovery, a relationship with God, and having a passion to helping young adults discover their value and potential in living a spiritual life. Keith began this journey in 2012 working at the Betty Ford Center where he was exposed to Dr. Allen Berger’s Process Focused Counseling using Gestalt Therapy. Committing to the 2 year course helped him begin to unpack the traumatic events from childhood. Keith graduated the Gestalt Therapy training, and completed my CATC internship during the 4 years he worked with the Betty Ford Center. Keith believes that we’re meant to live with vision and passionately pursuing our dreams. His goal in working with our clients is to help them uncover their maladapted core issues and help them discover their worth, value, and potential in recovery.