When you enter rehab, you typically work with an addiction psychiatrist. A drug addiction specialist helps you to identify areas where you want to make changes. From there, the psychiatrist assists you with finding the tools to do so. But how, exactly, does this process work?

The First Steps of Drug Rehab

Addiction Psychiatrist at Ocean RecoveryBefore you meet with the addiction treatment specialists who takes charge of your case, you talk to an intake counselor. This professional helps you to feel comfortable. S/He also works with you to complete a care profile. Doing so will assist therapists at the facility to give you the help you need to get well.

A big part of this initial set of discussions is a dual diagnosis assessment. The counselor wants to find out if you’re struggling with co-occurring mental health disorders. Examples include anxiety and depression. Because these types of conditions often require medication management alongside addiction treatment, the assessment is vital.

Working with Your Addiction Psychiatrist

With the fact-finding out of the way, the psychiatrist now has an opportunity to spend time with you in therapy sessions. Most these meetings take place in private as one-on-one talk sessions. However, some therapies may involve a group setting that introduces you to peers in recovery. In these situations, the treatment takes place under the leadership of the expert who gently steers conversations and interactions.

A conventional treatment approach you might undertake involves cognitive behavioral therapy. In this setting, you identify dysfunction in ways of feeling, thinking, and acting out. You choose where you want to make positive changes. The psychiatrist can help you along the way with the development of coping strategies and goal setting.

When you deal with a dual diagnosis, this is also the time to introduce medication to control the condition. Managing the medication against the backdrop of your addiction treatment is vital and requires the expertise of the professional. Because for many people it’s the first time that they receive dual diagnosis treatment, the expert closely monitors your responses. If there’s a need to adjust medications, s/he can do so on the spot.

Incorporating Psychiatrist Addiction Specialist into Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

Because customization is the key to success in recovery, no two treatment plans look the same. Your addiction psychiatrist works with you to stay on track and move forward. If there’s a need to make adjustments along the way, s/he can do so through active listening. Sometimes, your goals also change as you go through rehab, which necessitates a few changes in your treatment.

Good-quality rehab facilities offer various treatment settings that create a therapeutic backdrop for care. Examples include:

  • Gender-specific treatment and housing, which creates an atmosphere that makes it more natural to open up
  • Residential stay opportunities that allow you to live at the new facility and leave potentially toxic home environments behind
  • Family therapy sessions, which allow for healing, establishment of communication, and overcoming of codependency
  • Experiential therapies like art therapy or psychodrama that provide means of expressing yourself outside therapy settings
  • Extended care options that include a sober living environment to facilitate relapse prevention

Drug Addiction Psychiatrist in Newport Beach, CA

Ocean Recovery, a Newport Beach, California addiction treatment center has a particular niche with 18-30 year-olds whose addiction has interfered with a true launch into adulthood. By working closely, compassionately and consistently with both addicts and their families, our addiction psychiatrists enjoy helping encourage recovery that’s rarely found in other addiction treatment centers.

Some addictions require medical monitoring to overcome the withdrawal symptoms safely. Others feed off an undiagnosed mental health disorder that you can’t just wish away. Unless you get help for the disorder alongside the addiction, you keep going in a circle. At this juncture, you need the help of a psychiatric expert to incorporate medication into the process.

When you’re ready to get the help you need to tackle what experts agree is a medical emergency, there’s hope. At Ocean Recovery, friendly addiction treatment specialists want to assist you with overcoming an addiction and focusing on recovery. Your goal of lifelong sobriety might just be a phone call away. Contact the facility at (855) 271-6289 right now for immediate assistance and to schedule an intake interview.