Addiction treatment specialists at Ocean Recovery are on your side.

At Ocean Recovery in Newport Beach, California, we deliver 1:1 staffing to surround our clients, so we can identify relapses before they happen. Our CARF accredited and state licensed addiction treatment specialists stay up-to-date on the most effective techniques in addiction treatment.

Our Goal for Your Long-Term Recovery

Ocean Recovery’s addiction treatment specialists have one mission: helping you achieve and maintain long-term recovery. Our passionate staff members understand the difficulties and complications that come with treating addiction. Therefore, they’re ready to work with you to treat all aspects of your addiction, including your emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.

A Holistic Approach

Our addiction treatment specialists take a holistic approach to addiction recovery. They treat the entire person and address physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Understanding that addiction incorporates itself into every aspect of a person’s life is crucial in helping that person recover.

In addition to addiction counseling, our specialists encourage education and practicing activities for stress-relief. For some people, this includes yoga and meditation. For others, they may participate in nutrition counseling, experiential therapy, or the 12 Step program.

Finding a Treatment That Works for You

During treatment, addiction treatment specialists will be your partners on the road to recovery. They’ll work with you and support you every step of the way to make sure you have the most effective program to treat your addiction. Additionally, addiction treatment relies heavily on you trusting your addiction treatment specialists and allowing them to learn about you and your needs.

Addiction treatment specialists will also tailor a program to suit your unique circumstances. Whether you need a dual diagnosis treatment program or would benefit from programs such as cognitive behavior therapy, our staff work with you to find the combination of treatments and programs that work best for you.

Addiction Treatment Specialists at Ocean Recovery

To us, addiction treatment is more than going to meetings and attending therapy sessions. Rather it’s about gaining a new outlook on life. We know that you can be successful at Ocean Recovery, and we look forward to being able to celebrate your many successes with you.

Finally, it’s time to make the call that can change your life. Call Ocean Recovery at (855) 271-6289, and one of our staff members will get you started on your path to recovery.

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